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How to create Domes
step-by-step process

Print onto our self-adhesive doming media using a good quality inkjet printer (print via the cutter’s software)

Once printed, feed through our cutter and cut out any shaped previously defined using the cutter’s software.

Peel off top layer
and discard

Attach sheet of decals onto glass ‘stacker trays’ using masking tape.

Apply resin using applicator hand gun onto your decals. Correctly applied resin will stop and cling on the edge of the decals to
form a quality dome.

Cover resin covered decals with another glass stacker tray to prevent dust settling on top and leave to dry for at least
twelve hours.

Once fully cured, carefully remove dome from backing sheet and apply to your product.

Stand back and admire
you results ... and wait for
the profit to roll in!

We can supply gift boxes and presentation pouches as options.

We supply a wide range of blank products and presentation cases - please click here for more details.

Need Training?
The doming process is relatively simply (as can be seen in the above step-by-step process). Many of our customers are easily able to follow the above and achieve
outstanding results. However, if you require one to one hands-on training at our premises, we can offer this option at an additional cost. Please contact us for for further details.

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