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Frequently asked questions

How long will my resin last?
Our resin is freshly packed and should generally last many months if unopened and kept at normal room temperature.

What types of resins do you supply?
We supply mainly ‘Epoxy Resin’ and ‘Polyurethane Resin’ as two part (resin on one side and hardener on the adjoining side). The Epoxy resin ratio is 1:1 and for Polyurethane, it is 2:1. You must therefore use the correct plunger in the application gun for the appropriate resin (Please see images below).

If I only use part of the resin, can I keep the rest for later use?
Yes, providing you carefully wipe the stopper and lock it firmly back into place so no air can get inside the resin cartridge. Also, you MUST use a fresh nozzle as the old nozzle would have hardened.

How many decals can I dome with one 50ml resin cartridge?
We recently domed 132 decals with just one 50ml epoxy resin cartridge. We domed different shapes and sizes consisting of: 78  of x 23mm x 12mm, 32 x 16mm diameter and 22 x 25mm diameter, which works out to about just 4.5p per dome, or thereabout.

What is the difference between Epoxy and Polyurethane Resin?
Epoxy resin is mainly used for promotional products as they are not subject to UV light (sunlight) constantly all day. Also, epoxy resin is not moisture sensitive - this means you will not have problems with unwanted bubbles settling (and hardening) in your domes. This also means, that you resin cartridge will have a much longer shelf life if stored at normal room temperature of about 18 degrees centigrade.

Epoxy resin cannot be used for permanent outdoor use (eg car badges) and constant UV light from the sun will yellow the clear dome over a period of time. In such cases, you must use polyurethane resin which will withstand UV light to a greater degree. However, whilst the polyurethane resin may withstand outdoor UV light, your normal print media and inks will not! To give outdoor longevity, your printed items, to be domed, must be printed using a solvent based printer onto self-adhesive vinyl (and not  onto normal self-adhesive print media as used for producing promotional products). Because of the expense of solvent based printers, very few people tend to use polyurethane resin.

It may also interest you to know that you can actually apply doming resin directly onto cutout self-adhesive vinyl letters and logos! As you will not be printing on vinyl as such, you can apply polyurethane resin and  these would then become suitable for outdoor use.

Another drawback of polyurethane resin is that it attracts moisture and the shelf life is therefore much shorter than that of epoxy resin. Sometimes, the moisture will create tiny bubbles, which may disappear briefly once you have used a ‘bubble removing gun’ (an optional extra) - but these bubbles may reappear  and settle for good when the domes have cured and hardened,due to higher moisture levels in the  air.  This issue become more prevalent in the summer and in hotter countries where moisture levels can be high.

It is for these reasons why we strongly recommend our epoxy resin, where possible.

How long does it take for the resin to cure (harden)?
At temperature of about 22 degrees centigrade, the resin will normally take between 20-24 hours to fully cure according to the manufacturers guidelines. However, we have found that it can cure within 12 hours or so at normal room temperature.

Can I print onto any type of print media?
No, you have to print onto our special quality non-porous print media, with permanent adhesive. Our print media has a backing sheet so there is no need to use any type of carrier sheet when cutting shapes out using one of our cutters with ‘optical eye’ (see more about this later).

You cannot apply resin to normal paper types of labels as the resin will ‘sink’  into the paper (as opposed to ‘floating’ on our non-porous print media). This will result in producing an almost ‘flat dome’ rather than one that stands proud, as it should do.

Do you supply everything  for doming under one roof?
Yes we do! We supply resins, print media, cutters with optical eye, applications hand guns, bubble removing guns, stacker trays and a good choice of cufflinks,  tie slides, badges, bottle openers, key fobs etc.  They are designed to accept your domes easily.

Can I use any cutter/plotter for cutting our decals?
You can as long as it has ‘optical eye’ for detecting registration marks.  Our Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Portrait cutters some with ‘optical eye’ as standard.

With doming, you need to import images from your files into the cutter’s very own software. You need to select registration marks, create cut lines on top of your designs (using simple cutline tools within the software). For each shape or size, you only need to do this once and you can then copy and paste as many times as you like depending on the number of domes you wish to produce.

Once this has been achieved, you simply send it to print using your own inkjet printer. Print at the highest quality, selecting ‘glossy vinyl media’ (or something to this effect) for optimum results.

Once printed, send to the plotter/cutter, ready for cutting. For full explanation and to see step-by-step images, please click here.

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We sell two types of plungers to go with our application handgun.

Applicator handgun shown with optional resin cartridge

This image shows a 1:1 ratio resin cartridge

1:1 ratio

2:1 ratio

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